Advancing cycling and micromobility research

Journal of Cycling and Micromobility Research (JCMR)

Papers from hEART 2023

This special issue focuses on multidisciplinary research that advances our understanding of Micromobility, cycling and active modes within the broader context of transportation systems but urban areas in particular. Topics that of relevance are:

  1. Integration of bicycles and micromobility (including, e.g. pedestrians and e-scooters) in the transport system as a whole
  2. The understanding and modelling of demand for bicycle use and other micromobility modes
  3. Bicycle and micromobility safety
  4. Health impacts and other societal impacts from bicycle use
  5. Policy analysis regarding bicycle use
  6. Planning of bicycle infrastructure
  7. Socio-economic profiling and social behavioural aspects of bicycle use, and
  8. Data and data collection research methods in cycling research.

Through this special issue, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the role of micromobility and cycling in shaping modern urban transportation systems. By inviting scholarly contributions and facilitating discussion, we hope to drive positive changes in transport policy, infrastructure development, and user behavior to create more sustainable and livable cities.

Conference Integration

We invite accepted conference papers as well as papers submitted to the conference but not selected for presentation. This is to enhance the publication's comprehensiveness and promote a diverse range of perspectives.

Important dates

  • Submission opening: 20th of August 2023 (refer to the JCMR website for submissions).
  • Final Manuscript Submission Deadline: 10th of October 2023.
  • Editorial Acceptance Deadline: 31th of December 2023.

Publication fees

‘Free’ open golden access.


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Journal of Cycling and Micromobility Research